Elevator Pitch

A proposal for integrating mercurial queues and bugzilla to share patches in progress.


Bugzilla is a great tool for tracking progress towards the resolution of a bug. Posting comments and uploading completed patch for review is good but I feel like most of the magic happens mostly offline. I’m talking about mercurial queues where patches are attempted, scrapped and improved. Some developers are already sharing their queues but without proper integration this rich information goes mostly unnoticed.

My proposal is to index developers’ mq repositories, on an opt-in basis, and to integrate this information with bugzilla by extending the bugzillatweaks add-on. This would make developers’ patches show up in bugzilla as they are created, improved and provide a full revision history/changelog. This lets other users know that a patch is progress. For developers this provides an easier way to import patches from a dependent bug, continue a blocker/security bug if the assigned developers is away, consult the changelog to see every solution that was attempted and of course giving feedback to and studying unposted patches.

I wouldn’t dream of adding another step to the workflow of developers so the solution I’m suggesting is a simple one time opt-in to have your queue repository indexed. Well almost. Patches can’t be indexed until the developer adds the bug number in the patch summary but this gives a bit of control over which patch will get indexed.


I have a jetpack prototype working (did I mention how amazing jetpack is?) and have had Ehsan opt-in for my demonstration.

First we see a simple case where Queuezilla displays the most recent patch Ehsan is working on for a particular bug:

Here is a more complicated bug where we can see regular patch attachments and all the patch parts that are being worked in Ehsan’s repository:

Finishing the add-on

This add-on is still missing a web service to periodically index mq repos of developers that opt-in. I am curious to hear from developers who would like to start using this add-on before spending the time to develop the service because the add-on is only useful if several developers participate.

If so please let me know if you are currently using a mq repo or if you have an alternate setup where your progress could be indexed.

Disclaimer: This is not aimed at replacing patch attachments and provides no review system. A stable patch file is a must for the review process.

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