QCMS Color Management Improvements

We’ve just recently landed new features to Firefox’s color management library QCMS to add support for a subset ICC v4. If you don’t know what Color Management is just think of this way: Recording devices such as high end camera, scanners and display devices such as monitors, scanners can have different color spaces. Color management is the process of mapping color from the input color space to the output space. The changes to QCMS in particular bring support for Color Lookup Tables.

Source: Wikipedia

The changes are in the nightly build and can be enabled by setting the preference |gfx.color_management.enablev4| and restarting your browser. You can confirm that the feature is enabled by visiting Is your system ICC V4 ready. At this point we encourage everyone to help test the feature and would like to collect feedback in bug 488800.

9 thoughts on “QCMS Color Management Improvements

  1. So happy you are working on this! Many photographers choose to run IE9 on Windows or Safari on Mac due to Firefox’s lack of full support for ICC v4. Can’t wait for this to hit Firefox.

  2. Can you give more details about HOW this work is being integrated into your rendering? The HTML5 specification is non-committal on when/where color management should be applied.

  3. Does that apply to images decoded at any time? Meaning that not only images in “main” HTML, but also those referenced from SVG or dynamically loaded in Canvas as well??

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