Running Multiple Instances of Fennec Reftests

I’ve been running multiple instances of fennec reftest concurrently from the same computer. This is useful when testing OpenGL Layers on mobile for consistency across devices.

  1. Use ‘adb devices’ to get each device’s serial number.
  2. Set the environment variable ANDROID_SERIALS to the serial number.
  3. Run reftests by using a unique http and ssl port for each instance: EXTRA_TEST_ARGS=”–http-port=$ANDROID_REFTEST_HTTP –ssl-port=$ANDROID_REFTEST_SSL”

Here are the scripts I use:

export ANDROID_SERIAL=03abd624740a0d057

echo $(cat ~/.config/moz_tree)/$1
cd $(cat ~/.config/moz_tree)
--ssl-port=$ANDROID_REFTEST_SSL --setpref=layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true" 
MOZ_HOST_BIN="../obj-fn-opt_para/dist/bin/" make -C $(cat ~/.config/moz_tree)/$1 
reftest-remote | tee ~/mozilla/reftestlogs/fennec_reftest_log_$ANDROID_DEVICE_NAME.txt

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