Making Profiling Easier: Automated Profiler Diagnostics

The Gecko Profiler now supports automated diagnostics. I’ve added simple logic to look for common known signature of main thread IO, synchronous plugin operations and garbage collection to make profiler even easier to read. The goal here is to make the profiles easier to read and warn others where we already have bugs on file so instead of filing a dupe they can jump right into the discussion and help resolving the bug.

Automated Diagnostics

Automated Diagnostics – Click to expand!

GC Heavy Page - Click to expand!

GC Heavy Page – Click to expand!

Currently we only look for a few signatures but the plan is to expand the list. The signatures are for Mac but I’ll be accepting signatures for all platforms. If you have your own issue you would like to add either ping me, file a bug under ‘Core::Gecko Profiler’ or send me a pull request.

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