Video Synced Profiling

Just a quick update on the Eideticker profiling support William and I have been working on. All the changes needed to sync a video recording with a profile have landed. They will show up as a binary counter in the top left of the frame. This counter is read and the samples collected for that frame are highlighted. It’s simple but effective and very useful for optimizing how we draw.

Video correlation allows stepping samples frame by frame

You can try this yourself by checking out this real life example recording this morning. When stepping through the video the selection will be updated to match the current frame in the top left. You can then filter samples for the current frame. Note that in mobile because of Off-Main-Thread-Compositing we typically present many intermediate frames before getting an update from the main thread.

4 thoughts on “Video Synced Profiling

  1. Having some serious problems with your link to the video.
    It seems to have crashed Firefox (beta 16) three times in a row for me.
    In Chrome it opened a page prompting me to either “Upload your profile here:” or type it in manually. Whatever that’s about.
    I’m wondering, was Firefox expecting a certain mime type or something & got a web page? Anyhoo, FYI.

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