Profiler: Charging expensive operations to cheap async causes

We’ve been using the profiler to diagnose snappy problems for several months now with great success. The profiler can tell us which images are slow to decode, what scripts take longer then 15 ms to execute and what they’re doing. However the callstack doesn’t provide enough information to show what caused the execution. For example a small script snippet that changes the style causing cascading style changes that morphs the entire page. The script execution may takes less then 1 ms (i.e. likely not show up in a profile) and mark the styles as having changed. Then the next event recomputes the style causing the entire document to be repainted. The goal is to blame a quick running cause (a page change) to long running task (repainting).

Charging to the rescue! My goal is to be able to record a source for something like a page change and tag it/charge it to the work that is triggered. This is going to be a big project and I’m not ready to abandon my current tasks so I plan on working on a small piece every time I encounter the need for this. If you’re interested in helping out please let me know. Here are my current plan:

Part 1) Bug 809317: Adding infrastructure for printing the current location for debugging (Ready to land soon).

Part 2) Bug 777828: Allow unwinding results to be returned

Part 3) No bug: Support chaining unwinds as ’causes’

Part 4) No bug: When sampling collect ’causes’ attributed to the current work.

Part 5) No bug: Display ’causes’ in the profiler UI

Part 6) No bug: Gather ’causes’ for expensive async operations.
Note this is just a rough plan. I don’t know how well this will work out in practice.

2 thoughts on “Profiler: Charging expensive operations to cheap async causes

  1. Benoit: will sampler_print_location allow the profiler to tag a function with some arbitrary data and then group/split these entries in the profile? For example I would love to be able to add the event name in DispatchEvent and have the profile group entries by event name so that I know which event is causing a perf issue, and the samples under that event dispatch will be more useful.

    I’m not sure if this is the same idea as Bug 809317 but I’d love to hear if it is or if there are plans for this in the future! It would be very useful to get data from common functions that run everywhere and always show in a hot path (but are not themselves the cause)

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